Your Impeccable Touch
Sensual Massage


"Charlie's suggestions on somatic awareness and communication exercises has improved our communication skills and overall depth of closeness and intimacy. I now feel like I have more understanding and control over my patterns, and it is absolutely liberating."
-Amy B., Santa Cruz CA

“I've been able to use what you taught me with my lover and it's made our sex life much more enjoyable.”
-P. N., Los Angeles CA

"My session with Claire was wonderful. As a practitioner, she was very professional, but kind and personal at the same time. It was a very good balance and made our interaction and participation extremely easy. Her instruction was tasteful and classy, and surprisingly never awkward. And I loved that it truly helped me feel closer to my wife. I didn't think that would happen, but it did. And we have you to thank for that."
-S. (male) Las Vegas NV

"Charlie offers pure brilliant guidance from a place of empathy and heart. His process is warm and welcoming. I like to think of him as a Sex Coach Chameleon: he can teach, coach, heal, consult, and guide just about  anyone in such a way that makes them feel accepted, understood, and inspired."
-Jennifer M., Berkeley CA

"Our session with Claire was fun yet professional, educational and comfortable.  It was our first session and we were looking to explore ways to intimately connect with one another and potentially add another dimension to our relationship.  We were impressed by Claire’s knowledge and passion for the mind, body and spirit. Claire took the time to ask us many questions and crafted a session unique to our needs and expectations. The experience was not only educational, but it deepened the love and appreciation my husband and I feel for one another.   
We highly recommend Claire and will definitely return for follow up sessions."
-E. (female) Las Vegas NV

"Thank you so much for welcoming us and for creating exactly the kind of experience we were seeking, including helping us explore and push our boundaries. We both used the energy we built up with you to fuel a very sexy and sensual evening (and morning...) when we got home.

 We really appreciate your communication, especially all the time you took to understand our needs, comfort level, and anxieties; for a committed couple your respect for these things was critical and particularly praiseworthy. And consistent with that, the energy you brought into the space for us made us both feel safe, sexy, and adventurous.

We both feel more connected after seeing you and also like we can continue to explore our boundaries around these things; thanks for helping us achieve all that."
-B.B. and M.M., San Francisco, Ca