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On The Softer Side

Do you want to know the secret to amazing sex?

The answer isn’t adding more, although that can definitely be a lot of fun. The trick to having the best sex you can is learning how to explore and play with your own sexual energy. That’s the internal sense of your excitement, passion, and desire. When you can tune into it and connect to your partner’s energy, you’ll resonate with each other more deeply. The more energy you can each contain, the more you can build together until you feel like you’re flying.

Fanning the flames of sexual energy takes some practice, and we’ll help you at every step of the way. You’ll learn:

  • Breathwork and embodiment exercises to help you connect to your energy, your body, and your desire
  • Techniques for raising the heat and for cooling it down so you can enjoy the ride even more
  • Tools to connect your sexual energy and your heart (emotional energy), both for yourself and for your partner
  • Creating a strong, flexible container for your passion that will give you and your partner more room to expand (and relax)
  • Energetic bonding exercises that deepen intimacy, enhance your connection, and allow you to touch each other’s hearts
  • Amazing energetic arousal and energy orgasm techniques that can be used on their own or combined with many pleasure moves

Adding these to your sexual repertoire is an incredible gift to yourself and to your partner. Combining them with the expert-level skill in touch and pleasure that we can also teach you will make you an unforgettable lover. Come and see for yourself just how much exquisite bliss is in store for you when you learn how to build and expand your sexual energy.