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Sensual Massage

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The Foundations of Touch and Pleasure

Do you want to be an amazing lover? It’s not just about the techniques or the sexy moves. Attuned, sensitive touch and skillful communication are the most important tools you can bring to the bedroom. Without them, even the most incredible tips fall flat.  With the right approach, the simplest things can make your partner see stars.

Anyone can learn to create a scintillating  experience with a few foundational skills. We’re looking forward to showing you how they work. When you join us for a session, you’ll learn:

  • How to craft an exciting invitation that will entice and arouse your partner
  • Tools for riding the waves of pleasure and relaxation that heighten the senses
  • Tips for discovering what arouses you and your partner, even when you aren’t sure yourselves
  • Ways to ask for the touch you want, and ways to offer the touch you want to give
  • How to create a strong, resilient container that will help your partner to let go and trust your ability to help them soar

The easiest way to integrate these tools into your sex life is to try them out.

We can demonstrate on each other while you follow along, or we can demonstrate on either or both of you and then guide you through the different techniques. Whatever you decide, you’ll get to experience how these profoundly useful techniques will transform your sex life and your relationships. We’ll take you through each step and give you the opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe, supportive setting. When we’re done, you’ll be able to integrate your new approach into your sex life and your relationships.