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Expert Relationship Skills

Are you ready to bring your relationship skills to a whole new level? Do you want to discover the powerful tools that will help you and your partner create excitement, intimacy, and passion?

There are plenty of so-called experts out there, with lots of advice to offer. But where they often fall flat is by offering a one-sized approach to your unique situation. You deserve support that’s tailored to fit you, rather than trying to fit yourself into someone else’s advice. That’s where we can help.

We’re both trained in a variety of approaches and modalities, from the somatic (body-based) to the intellectual. We understand the many complexities that make you and your partner individuals with your own experiences and histories. And we know what it takes to bring two people together into connection and pleasure.

Some of the skills we can help you integrate into your sexual and romantic relationships include:

  • How to ask for what you want in a way that makes it easy for your partner to hear
  • Overcoming shame so the two of you can get to the good stuff
  • Tools for giving and receiving affection and love that will inspire reciprocation
  • Navigating conflict with clarity and compassion in order to move to resolution
  • Reconnecting when the inevitable missteps cause disconnection and friction
  • Somatic techniques for managing your emotional and energetic flow, as individuals and as a couple
  • Crafting sexy invitations that will entice and arouse your partner
  • Steps to deepen intimacy no matter how busy your lives are
  • Integrating sexual fantasies and desires into your relationship in ways that excite both of you

Every couple faces challenges with at least a few of these and most couples find them all difficult sooner or later. We’ll help you find the solutions that work for you. You’ll gain the skills you need to create a happier, more joyous, passionate, and loving relationship. You’ll get to practice each step and find the confidence you need to bring these tools to your relationship.

We’re solutions-oriented coaches who understand the importance of creating a solid foundation to build upon. We’ll bring our A game to you so you can bring it to each other. We’ll work with you at your own pace, while also challenging you to expand your abilities. We’ll celebrate your triumphs and get you ready for your next steps. And we’ll help you discover new ways to make your sex life and your relationship amazing.